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We Are An Annotare Heritages!

Armed with the knowledge of making hand-written and printed batik in limited quantities. Annotare was then established in an effort to increase the quantity of production by cooperating with several local batik makers to be united in a community called "Annotare" which means "Write".

The products produced are written batik, printed batik, combination batik and fashion batik. Fashion batik products follow consumer demand, such as shirts, blouses, dresses, slayer, tablecloths, tote bags, shoes, sandals, and so on.

Selling Batik Products

Annotare as a batik producer provides various types of batik variants, including hand-drawn batik in natural color, printed batik, combination batik and fashion batik (batik products that have become clothes).

All batik products we sell are of good quality batik. Because every stage of the production process is carried out an integrated quality control.

Course / Learning Batik

Annotare provides batik learning services, both written batik and printed batik. Open training for students (Primary School, Junior/Senior High School), University, and the general public

Each training participant will be accompanied by professional educators. The materials provided included, among other things, how to make motifs from the basic level so that they could be applied inside, then continued with coloring techniques.

The results of the training in the form of batik became souvenirs for the training participants to take home.

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